Tony is in the News!

Cabral can set the course for City’s future By STANDARD TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD| Published: November 6, 2011

The New Bedford Standard Times endorsed Tony Cabral for Mayor this morning, citing his experience in the legislature and his plan to run an inclusive city government:

Cabral, in his long service to the voters of New Bedford, has consistently played a central role in the transformation of this city into becoming that commercial and cultural center.

…We believe more strongly that Cabral’s movement through this campaign has shown an affinity for collaboration and empathy for those who deserve better, hallmarks of a successful leader. His vision about challenges and opportunities exudes an optimism that could inspire every citizen of New Bedford, and so much of what is needed to bring success to the city depends on its citizens.

At last the voters will decide – Cabral or Mitchell By DAN MCDONALD | Published: November 6, 2011

Cabral, a 56-year-old who immigrated to this country from the Azores when he was 14, has drawn on his extensive Beacon Hill experience in his pitch to voters, highlighting funding he secured and bills he supported and passed during his two decades as a legislator

Cabral, Mitchell trade jabs over taxes in final debate By DAN MCDONALD | Published: November 2, 2011

Cabral, a 20-year state representative, portrayed himself as an inclusive leader who understands the challenges both in the city’s neighborhoods and classrooms.

Cabral pushes his tax plan through mail By JACK SPILLANE | Published: November 2, 2011

“As mayor, Tony will introduce a residential property tax exemption that will cut property taxes for more than 15,000 homeowners in New Bedford,” the card says.

A reversal of debate roles By JACK SPILLANE | Published: November 1, 2011

Tony Cabral was the clear winner of the last debate of the election season.

Cabral was more specific on his economic development plan, his ideas for helping small business plans and revamping public education…

Cabral spoke movingly of bringing under-represented people into democracy, noting that City Council districts were reconfigured to include minorities.

“That’s how you engage everybody, that’s how you empower people in this city,” he said.

Union endorsements pour in for Cabral By NEW BEDFORD STANDARD TIMES | Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2011

More than a dozen labor unions that represent workers throughout the city have endorsed Antonio F.D. Cabral for mayor.

According to the longtime state representative’s campaign, the unions included: Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Central Labor Council; SEIU 1199; Southeastern Massachusetts Building Trades; UNITE HERE Joint Board; Massachusetts Building Trades Council; Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35; Laborers Union Local 385; Carpenters Union Local 1305; IBEW 2322; Painters and Allied Trades District Council 11; Sprinkler Fitters Union Local 550; Bricklayers Union Local 3; UFCW 328; Massachusetts Laborers’ District Council; UFCW 791; International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4 and the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

Koczera denies region at disadvantage in casino bill By DAN MCDONALD | Published: November 1, 2011

State Rep. Robert M. Koczera insists the state’s casino bill will not put this area at a disadvantage.

Koczera, a New Bedford Democrat, released a statement Monday saying the legislation “has been portrayed inaccurately in recent weeks, with many critics contending that any potential casino in New Bedford would be delayed and disadvantaged by the time lines included in the bill.”

That criticism, according to Koczera, is “not valid.”

Unions back Cabral, Capuano blesses his tax plan By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 31, 2011

Tony Cabral’s mayoral campaign has become more active in the media game as the campaign draws down even as the Mitchell campaign has grown more quiet.

So Cabral issued two press statements today.

In one, a group of 17 unions, and union-affiliated groups, endorsed him. In the other, Somerville Congressman Mike Capuano praised Cabral’s proposal to give residential taxpayers whose property is worth less than $306,000 a tax cut, while increasing (by a larger amount) property taxes for absentee landlords and the owners of properties worth more than $306,000.

Cabral scores with kiddie ad By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 26, 2011

Tony Cabral has sent out another mailer card — he is up three mailers to none over Jon Mitchell, I believe, since the preliminary election.

This one strikes me as his most effective ad of the campaign.

Both candidates refuse to protect Morrissey By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 26, 2011

Cabral criticized his opponent for wanting to increase the EDC budget.

And on a Standard-Times questionnaire, he said that rather than devoting more city money to the EDC right away, he would work with the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups to develop additional marketing for the city.

A debate draw By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 26, 2011

It was Cabral’s best performance of the campaign — he was much more focused making his own points succinctly and parried most of Mitchell’s attacks and attacked well on his own as well….Cabral, however, tapped into a feeling among some in the community that Mitchell is just the latest member of an elite group of New Bedford residents who’ve been elected mayor.

Mayoral debate gets personal By BRIAN BOYD | Published: OCTOBER 26, 2011

Cabral said as a legislator he fought for $4 billion worth of tax incentives to help businesses. Referring to Mitchell’s comment on the EDC funding, Cabral said the city has to live within its means, but he wants to at least make sure there is a sustainable source of funding for the council.

“We have to make jobs a top priority of this city,” Cabral said.

Fireworks at New Bedford mayoral debate By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 25, 2011

Cabral also used his final closing statement to charge that  Mitchell was willing to put the city on the line for $25 million worth of bonding for the zoo expansion and to do it without a public input process.

Cabral committee recommends money for cities By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 25, 2011

A bill sponsored by state Rep. Tony Cabral that would funnel up to $100 million for R&D projects in the state’s so-called Gateway Cities has been reported favorably out of committee.

New Bedford officials celebrate pier, trade accomplishments By DON CUDDY | Published: OCTOBER 19, 2011

The governor’s Seaport Advisory Council, which Murray chairs, provided $2.3 million in funds for the upgrade, with $1 million coming from the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s waterways program. DCR Commissioner Edward M. Lambert, Jr., New Bedford Mayor Scott W. Lang and state reps. Antonio F.D. Cabral, D-New Bedford, and Christopher Markey, D-Dartmouth, also spoke at the ceremony.

New Bedford occupied By JACK SPILLANE | Published: OCTOBER 15, 2011

More than a half-hour into the rally, mayoral candidate Tony Cabral and incumbent Mayor Scott Lang arrived on the scene…

“This is really about Main Street being sick and tired of Wall Street,” said Cabral.

New Bedford mayoral candidates tackle school issues By DAN MCDONALD | Published: October 12, 2011

Cabral, in his closing remarks, said he is a proven educational leader who has been fighting for the school system every day as a legislator.

He said when he first started his legislative tenure in the early 1990s, the city’s public schools received $35 million. The district now receives $114 million.

Such an increase “doesn’t happen by accident,” he said.

State funding tapped to spruce up Acushnet Ave By NEW BEDFORD STANDARD TIMES | Published: October 7, 2011

“This important investment will stimulate economic activity in this portion of the city and support businesses and restaurants, which will create jobs,” said Cabral through a statement.

Cabral, Mitchell Advance; Morad eliminated in Mayor’s race By DAN MCDONALD | Published: October 5, 2011

“We’ve been working very hard, talking to as many voters as possible about helping build a stronger and better New Bedford,” said Cabral, taking a break from shaking hands at New Bedford Sports Club after his victory Tuesday night.

Throughout the primary, Cabral mainly focused on his own experience, often electing not to criticize his opponents.

Asked if that would change, Cabral said: “I’ve always ran positive campaigns, I’ve really believed in … staying with the issues and debating the issues. I’m going to continue to get my message across.”

Big 3 trade jabs in mayoral debate By DAN MCDONALD | Published: SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

Cabral touched on his work as a legislator and as a public school teacher, experience he says gives him a unique perspective of the problems facing the city’s school system.

Referencing the city’s graduation rate, Cabral said “53 percent is a failing grade in any classroom in America” and spoke of fostering a “culture of success.” He said he would empower principals and hold them accountable.

Cabral wants to open up a dialogue between various police task forces. He supports re-establishing a neighborhood-specific community policing unit. He said he empathizes with the plight of many in the city.

“I know what it’s like to be in the unemployment line,” he said.

Rally held in support of local post offices By CURT BROWN | Published: SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral, D-Mass., a candidate for mayor, complained about the federal government repeatedly balancing budgets on the backs of the middle class.

The best mayoral debate of preliminary election By JACK SPILLANE | Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

Cabral seemed to warm up as the debate got going… He was strongest on the topic of education when he opened by saying that a 53 percent graduation rate is “absolutely unacceptable.”

“We need to make the school system a welcoming place for parents,” he said, speaking perhaps for many minority parents who have traditionally felt their children were neglected by the New Bedford system.

5 way mayor’s race takes shape By DAN MCDONALD | Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

Cabral, 56, of 25 Moreland Terrace, is the only legislator to formally propose a funding plan for the project. He said he wrote part of a 2010 anti-bullying law. As legislator, Cabral says he protected more than $100 million in annual funding for the city’s schools and secured millions more for school construction.

If elected mayor, Cabral, who emigrated from the Azores to the U.S. at the age of 14, said he will streamline business permitting and re-establish neighborhood-specific, community policing units.

Cabral lays out jobs plan in mayoral race By DAN MCDONALD | Published: SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Cabral plans to push for the creation of new beer and wine licenses that would be distributed to establishments located only in those three districts. He said if a restaurant closes or moves to another part of New Bedford, its license would return to the city. He spoke of expanding outdoor seating and hopes to establish a year-round public market.

Endorsement: Antonio F.D. Cabral for Mayor of New Bedford By WAYNE RICHMOND | Published: SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

As one sits down and takes time to sort through all the candidates for mayor, goes to the debates and reads all of their issue papers on education, creating jobs and on public safety, I find one candidate who stands out above the rest and that person is Tony Cabral.

…More Cabral Ads… By JACK SPILLANE | Published: SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

Meanwhile, Cabral has mailed his third color card of the campaign, this one a full-pager like Mitchell’s. It pitches Cabral’s theme that he is one of the people. “Your priorities are Tony’s priorities,” the card says.

The card points out that Cabral is a former teacher, and Cabral’s positions on  economic development, education, public safety and responsive government. Those positions include protecting the fishing industry from NOAA; establishing community policing; reducing the drop-out rate and “open and transparent city government.”

The card shows a large photo of Cabral in a polo shirt in a classroom, another smaller one of him at a campaign event in front of a microphone; and a third that is a seascape of the New Bedford fishing port.

It carries the tag line, “No one, absolutely no one, works harder!” which is perhaps a reference to Cabral’s long hours and his penchant for turning up at nearly all public events in the city, a trait he shares with Mayor Lang.

Rep Urges Life Sciences Officials to Support Projects Outside Boston By COLLEEN QUINN| STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE |Published: SEPTEMBER 7, 2011

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, SEPT. 7, 2011…..A legislative committee chairman questioned Wednesday whether the state’s taxpayer-funded life sciences investments disproportionately benefit companies in the Boston area, to the detriment of cities and town in other regions of the state.

“All we are asking for is for them to award all regions of the state. These are great investments by a taxpayer-funded center,” Rep. Antonio Cabral (D-New Bedford) told the News Service after the House bonding committee he chairs grilled the leader of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Susan Windham-Banister, at a State House hearing. “We need to be cognizant that all regions should enjoy an equitable share.”

“All politics is local, right?” he added. “I see very little outside the Greater Boston area.”

Read the full story at (subscription required).

Mayoral Hopeful would Refocus School Committee By DAN MCDONALD | Published: SEPTEMBER 1, 2011

Cabral, a former teacher, said the greatest challenge facing the district “is the widespread acceptance of the status quo and the assumption we cannot do better.” “We can, we must and we will do better,” said Cabral.

Mayoral Candidate Cabral outlines public safety platform By DAN MCDONALD | Published: AUGUST 26, 2011

NEW BEDFORD — If elected mayor, Antonio F.D. Cabral said he will call for a “top-to-bottom evaluation” of the police department, more foot or bike patrols, and a task force comprising federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel to combat drugs, guns and gangs.

Cabral Unveils ‘White Paper’ on Public Safety By JIM PHILLIPS, WBSM | Published: AUGUST 25, 2011

New Bedford Mayoral candidate Tony Cabral has released his “White Paper” on public safety, promising a new approach to crime-fighting in the city.

Governor Backs Mashpee Tribe Casino By K.C. MYERS | Published: AUGUST 20, 2011

“I want to see a casino built,” Cabral said Friday night in a phone interview with the Times. “We need to create revenue and jobs.”

Rep. Cabral would support a casino in New Bedford By NEW BEDFORD STANDARD TIMES | Published: AUGUST 15, 2011

State Rep. and mayoral candidate Tony Cabral told the Editorial Board of The Standard-Times that he would support a casino in the city.


Rep. Antonio Cabral (D-New Bedford), chair of the committee, said he has concerns that the UMass system has become nearly as costly as private universities around the state.

“Certainly in my area, some kids are priced out. I really hate to see that,” he said.

Cabral, who was joined by Rep. James Cantwell (D-Marshfield), said he sympathizes with university officials’ concerns about borrowing costs, although he noted that whether the university shoulders its debt burden or the state takes on more of the load, “In essence, it’s all the Commonwealth.”

“I’m hearing you and I understand that adds tremendous pressure on your operating budget. That translates to fees, tuition,” Cabral said. “It’s an ongoing discussion with you and UMass as a whole in terms of how we strike a better balance.”

Read the full story at (subscription required)

Tony Cabral wants to expand New Bedford fishing industry By NEW BEDFORD STANDARD TIMES | Published: AUGUST 15, 2011

State Rep. and mayoral candidate Tony Cabral sat down with The Standard-Times Editorial Board to discuss how he would handle the fishing industry if elected mayor of New Bedford.

Cabral would bring back community policing By DAN MCDONALD | Published: AUGUST 13, 2011

Mayoral candidate Antonio F.D. Cabral said he intends to re-establish neighborhood-specific liaisons within the Police Department if he is elected.

State, Local officials celebrate boat ramp reconstruction By WBSM | Published: AUGUST 12, 2011

Rep. Antonio Cabral helped secure $488,000 to rebuild the ramps at Clark’s Cove and off East Rodney French Boulevard.  Cabral says the ramps are an economic development tool for day-fishermen in New Bedford who put their boats in the water everyday and catch fish, and then sell that fish to local fish markets to make a living.

Revamped boat ramps hailed in New Bedford By DAN MCDONALD | Published: AUGUST 13, 2011

Said Cabral: “I fought to repair and improve the East and West Rodney French Boulevard boat ramps both for residents who rely on them for income and for those who enjoy the recreational activities the ramps provide access to. It’s great to celebrate the completion of this project, which is vital to fishermen and recreational boats alike.”

Survey will reveal extent of damage to crumbling schooner By DON CUDDY | Published: AUGUST 13, 2011

Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral, D-New Bedford, believes the Ernestina’s needs should be made part of the state’s capital budget and included in its five-year capital improvement plan.

“This survey should determine what exactly is wrong and what needs to be fixed,” Cabral said. “But even if we find the money for repairs, it’s important to have the ship on a plan to maintain it.” DCR has capital plans in place for all of the other facilities it manages, such as its parks, historic sites and watersheds, Cabral said, but the Ernestina is not included in that.

“That’s key to insure that maintenance takes place on a regular basis,” he said. Cabral said he has held discussions with Rick Sullivan, Energy and Environmental Affairs secretary, which oversees the DCR

Bringing immigrant temporary agencies into the light of day By JACK SPILLANE | Published: AUGUST 11, 2011

A proposed bill tightening the state regulations governing temporary agencies is supported by New Bedford mayoral candidate Tony Cabral. Cabral, who was present at the press conference in support of the immigrant advocates, said the only way to govern the agencies is through state regulations.

Cabral Draws “400” to Portuguese Club Fundraiser By JACK SPILLANE | Published: AUGUST 4, 2011

“State Rep. Antonio Cabral drew 400 supporters to a $20 per ticket fundraiser at Espirito Santo de Pico last Friday evening… it was a family-type party, with live music, hot dogs and hamburgers and entertainment for the kids, including a bouncy castle.

…The idea of a $20 summer barbecue for the family at a Portuguese club seems like an inspired one for New Bedford. Maybe it’s been done before. But I’m not aware of it.”

Cabral Presses Top State Official for Ernestina Repair $$$ By MATT MURPHY| STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE |Published: AUGUST 3, 2011

“In New Bedford alone, Cabral said, the fishing industry is responsible for $2 billion in economic activity. “That’s how we grow jobs in Massachusetts by paying close attention to the companies we have with potential to grow. I think it’s crucial. It’s not an issue that should take two or three years to change,” Cabral said.

Cabral wants to create a new Department of Marine Fisheries that would expand the role of the division beyond its current focus on regulation, and, like the Department of Agriculture, be able to administer grants to assist fisherman and on-shore processing plants grow business.”

Rail Advocates Urge Sophisticated Approach to Swamp Impact By STEVE URBON| Published: AUGUST 1, 2011

“Then there is Cabral’s proposal five years ago that the state impose a carbon tax and use it to finance green projects such as modern rail. Lang endorsed just such a proposal, saying that it would work along with good rail systems to get cars off the road and curb atmospheric warming.”

3 New Bedford Mayoral Hopefuls Address Blight By DAN MCDONALD| Published: JULY 30, 2011

“…State Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral, who is running for mayor, spoke of pursuing building code and health department violations against absentee landlords.

He said there are state statutes currently on the books that could help fix the problem. Specifically, one provision gives landlords the right to evict a tenant involved in illegal activity and another forces landlords to act if they know of illegal activity occurring on their property.

Cabral said there is a state tax credit program available only to “Gateway Cities” that offers an incentive for property owners to renovate market-rate housing units.”

Tony Cabral Calls for New Local Aid Formula

“State Representative Antonio F.D. Tony Cabral, a candidate for Mayor of New Bedford, made the case today that a new formula is needed for distributing so-called additional assistance local aid funds to cities and towns.”

Pinheiro on Cabral By JACK SPILLANE | Published: JUNE 7, 2011

Former City Victor Pinheiro Councilor introduced Tony Cabral at his mayoral kickoff yesterday and he cited Cabral’s “sound judgment” as his reason for endorsing his personal friend.

Longtime state rep launches mayoral campaign By DAN MCDONALD | Published: June 07, 2011

NEW BEDFORD — Highlighting his humble beginnings and Beacon Hill experience, longtime state Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral announced Monday he is running for mayor.