Jack Spillane: Tony Cabral was the clear winner of the last debate

In a blog post analyzing the final debate of the Mayoral campaign, New Bedford Standard Times columnist Jack Spillane noted that Tony Cabral, “was the clear winner of the last debate.”

Cabral was effective in emphasizing that he’s been working in the city for 40 years, repeating that Mitchell has only lived in New Bedford 10 years. When Mitchell criticized him for supporting district-elections for School Committee candidates, Cabral spoke movingly of bringing under-represented people into democracy, noting that City Council districts were reconfigured to include minorities.

“That’s how you engage everybody, that’s how you empower people in this city,” he said.

…It was Cabral who was easily the stronger performer last night.

He spoke convincingly on how he’d reformed worker’s compensation laws and rebuked Mitchell for using the very conservative Citizens for Limited Taxation’s as his arbiter of reasonable taxes. Cabral also showed himself to be the more clearer proponent of community policing…


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