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New Bedford firefighters endorse Tony Cabral

State Rep. Tony Cabral, a candidate for Mayor of New Bedford, today announced that he has been endorsed by New Bedford Firefighters IAFF Local 841, which represents members of the New Bedford Fire Department.

In a letter announcing the endorsement, Local 841 President James Allen cited Cabral’s support of organized labor and his record of “fighting for all working families in Massachusetts.” Allen noted that Cabral makes sure that labor unions are “fairly heard on important issues,” and that he has given them “a seat at the table on pension and health care reforms.”

“Having witnessed your dedication and commitment to New Bedford and its residents for over twenty years, we are sure you will be a great mayor for our city,” Allen wrote.

“I am honored to have the support of our brave firefighters,” Cabral said.  “Our firefighters are extremely important to public safety in New Bedford, and I have been fighting throughout my career to ensure that they have the protections they need to do their jobs and support their families.  As Mayor, I will work with our firefighters and help them secure the tools they need to fight fires effectively and safely.”

IAFF Local 841 joins more than a dozen labor organizations that have endorsed Cabral for Mayor, clear evidence that Cabral is the candidate best able to represent the working men and women of New Bedford.

The New Bedford Firefighters IAFF Local 841 was established in 1945 for the betterment of the members of the New Bedford Fire Department.


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Jack Spillane: Tony Cabral was the clear winner of the last debate

In a blog post analyzing the final debate of the Mayoral campaign, New Bedford Standard Times columnist Jack Spillane noted that Tony Cabral, “was the clear winner of the last debate.”

Cabral was effective in emphasizing that he’s been working in the city for 40 years, repeating that Mitchell has only lived in New Bedford 10 years. When Mitchell criticized him for supporting district-elections for School Committee candidates, Cabral spoke movingly of bringing under-represented people into democracy, noting that City Council districts were reconfigured to include minorities.

“That’s how you engage everybody, that’s how you empower people in this city,” he said.

…It was Cabral who was easily the stronger performer last night.

He spoke convincingly on how he’d reformed worker’s compensation laws and rebuked Mitchell for using the very conservative Citizens for Limited Taxation’s as his arbiter of reasonable taxes. Cabral also showed himself to be the more clearer proponent of community policing…

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Congressman Mike Capuano, Former Mayor of Somerville, Calls residential property tax exemption “A winner for every city”

Congressman Michael Capuano (D-MA), the former Mayor of Somerville, today praised the residential property tax exemption proposal put forward by New Bedford mayoral candidate Tony Cabral.

“Everyone wants the lowest possible taxes.  Everyone wants safe, stable neighborhoods,” Capuano said.  “The best way to get both is by adopting a Residential Exemption.  We did it in Somerville many years ago.  In fact, every city I represent has adopted one.  The results are that people are encouraged and rewarded for living in our cities, streets are safer and property values increase.  The Residential Exemption is a winner for every city.”

In Congress, Capuano represents the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, and Somerville, all of which have adopted a residential property tax exemption. There are a total of thirteen communities in Massachusetts that have adopted the exemption.

Last week, Rep. Tony Cabral, a candidate for Mayor, put forward a proposal to implement a residential property tax exemption in New Bedford that would deliver a tax cut to 95% of homeowners in New Bedford who live in their homes. Cabral vowed to introduce his plan to the New Bedford city council within his first 30 days as Mayor.


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